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A holiday trip to the Ore Mountains moves you. In all directions. 2 nations united in love for the mountains. Unlimited holidays in Germany and the Czech Republic. With our in-house tourist information we would like to show you that "Haamit" is not just a word in the Ore Mountains. That traditions are lived. In Saxony and Bohemia.

The Ore Mountains impress. Frontier since time immemorial. The Ore Mountains are about 150 km long and 40 km wide. At the ridge of the Ore Mountains, the mountain range divides into the German "Erzgebirge" in Saxony and the Czech "Krušnéhory" in Bohemia. Together they are the Ore Mountains.

Holiday Apartments

Our holiday apartments in the Alte Försterei Wildenthal have the best starting point for this. Our holiday home is located directly on the Erzgebirge crest and thus on the border with the Czech Republic. So to speak: right in the middle! of the Ore Mountains.

We love to speak in english with you! Stay with us on a visit to saxony and bohemia! We accommodate travelers from all over the world.

We are looking forward for your reservation!

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Ore Mountain extra ! In-house Tourist Information

» individual advice on holidays in the Ore Mountains
» Germany and the Czech Republic
» Hiking tours, excursion guides, Western Ore Mountains
» Event tips, flyers & brochures
» Topic-oriented information on the Ore Mountains
» Winter event calendar
» Hiking map package for free rental
» Recommendations for pubs & restaurants
» Supply overview for bakeries and supermarkets

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» Wildenthal, district of Eibenstock in the Ore Mountains
» Car border crossing Czech Republic approx. 10 km
» Hiking border crossing in the Czech Republic approx. 4 km

Our location in the Ore Mountains